#DIY applicants

Application review

For a fraction of cost, get your Application reviewed by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who is in good standing with CICC. This service is good for applicants who are confident about the program eligibility and have prepared their application, but want additional review and feedback about the completeness / relevance of their submission.


The Process

  1. Get in touch with us
  2. We will review the scope of the task and ask you to sign a Service Agreement
  3. Provide electronic copy of the application package and documents you have uploaded/planning to submit.Be assured that the information you share with us will be kept confidential and stored securely
  4. Our team will review the application package/form
  5. After the review is complete, we will connect with you and advise you about the changes you would need to make before the application is submitted and will provide a written list of recommendations

Disclaimer : The final decision about your application is at the discretion of the Visa Officer reviewing your case. 

Contact us today to schedule a review!