How it works

#1 Full application support

Retain us for submitting your application


Contact Us

Contact us via email or online form available in the Contact Us section of our website


Complimentary Call

Our team will review your request and contact you to book time for a 20-minute, free, complementary assessment. We will identify your immigration objective and discuss the next steps


Retaining our Services

In this phase, we will sign an agreement outlining the services that will be performed for your case

Fee : Our service fee varies from case to case.  The strategy to realize your immigration goals, will be custom made to your scenario and, therefore, the fee would vary accordingly. Typically, our Service fee would be around $1,500 – $6,000 depending on the case. Please note that our Service fee is separate from Government Application fees that you are expected to pay as part of the application process. 

#2 consulting & review

Assessment and Application Review

Immigration Authorities could reject or return your application, if, it is incomplete or, if correct fee is not paid. To help you succeed in your immigration objectives, we will review your completed Immigration Application Package (forms and documents) for completeness. This is a 2-step process and you would need to provide/bring all your documents at the time of review. This service model is only recommended if, you know exactly what program you qualify under and need help in compiling the application package.

#3 general enquiries

Free Consultation

  • We offer up to 10 minutes of free consultation (on phone) if you wish to retain our services and want to know more about us. Please note that no immigration related questions will be answered on this call. You can use this time to discuss our services and fees
  • Alternatively, if you wish to ask generic questions like Government fees, information about biometric centres etc., please email us at info@orion-immigration.com . We will get back to you within 2-5 business day