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Extend Your Stay

If you are already in Canada, irrespective of whether you are a visitor, student or worker – maintaining a valid immigration status in Canada is important.


If you are out of status in Canada and continue to live and/or work in Canada, you may :

  • be removed from Canada and deported to your home country¬†
  • be refused entry to Canada in future
  • affect the outcome of your future applications to IRCC


Extending your status

If you apply to extend your status before it expires, you may be able to successfully extend it. Visitors can stay longer in Canada, students can extend their study permit, etc.

With regards to the Work permit, depending on the kind of work permit, you may be able to extend it. Open work permits like Post Graduate Work Permit cannot be extended. Please book an appointment with us to discuss your options.

Restoring your status

If a temporary resident has lost their status or let their authorization to work or study expire, they may apply to restore that status.

The applicant must

  • apply within 90 days of having lost their status
  • meet the initial requirements for their stay
  • remain in Canada until a decision is made
  • have not failed to comply with any condition imposed automatically by regulation or by an officer, other than those stated below
  • have lost their status only because they have failed to comply with the specified conditions imposed by an officer
  • continue to meet the requirements of a temporary resident and the requirements of the work or study permit, as applicable

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